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Why wedding flowers cost what they do.

I read a great article the other day about exactly why wedding flowers are priced as they are. I didn't write this piece but have permission from "Foote flowers" to share it with you. A great insight! you can find it here https://footeflorals.com/blog/f/why-do-wedding-flowers-cost-so-much

Caring for your cut flowers

If you're lucky enough to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers, there's probably a little "care card" inside your envelope telling you how best to keep the bouquet fresh and how best to make it last. If not or if the text is too small to read (I can identify!!) here's a few tips on what to do. You may have received your bouquet in a water bubble, perhaps in a cardboard vase and it'll be ok in there for a couple of days as there's flower food in the water. After a couple of days, cut the cello off the bottom (over a sink!) and re cut all of the stems on an angle (greater surface area for the flowers to drink) you only need take an inch or two off. Put your new sachet of flower food in fres


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