Last minute lockdown Northumbrian wedding.

Well, what a year! Due to the madness of 2020, around 70 of my booked couples have had to postpone their weddings,some two or three times. It's been a bit of a whirlwind of communication and planning but I'm glad to say that I've managed to re schedule almost all of them. I think I've only had to let 3 couples go from my diary.

Natalie, was scheduled to get married in April this year. Well, obviously that wasn't to be. When restrictions were eased, and weddings were allowed to go ahead with 30, then 15 people, there was a flurry of activity! Couples saying "stuff it!" we're doing it anyway. Great! We got to go ahead with quite a few. As the "new lockdown" loomed in November, I had 3 weddings due to go ahead. One couple made it with days to spare,one with a day and a half's notice and one with 6 hours notice!!

Natalie sent me a message on the Saturday, letting me know they were planning to push the date ahead to the Monday and was there any chance of getting any flowers at all? Even if they weren't what she had originally chosen? Cue a mini panic attack, then I put my big florist panties on and set about making it happen!

As the wedding had been brought forward so quickly, I hadn't received my flower order for it so my first port of call was my flower wholesaler. As there's no flower markets open on a Sunday, that same day was my only chance. A quick call to Bon Bloemen and I managed to order exactly what we had planned for Natalie's flowers and they sent a driver straight out to me, even though they were technically closed for the day. I also had a call from Helena Grace Cakes, to ask if it was possible to get any fresh flowers for the wedding cake. Helena dashed straight over to me to pick them up and told me she planned to make a showstopper..."what the hell!" she said. I think we were all so caught up in the whirlwind of making it happen!

The Monday was a beautiful Northumbrian Autumn day. Perfect for a wedding. We delivered the flowers to a quaint holiday cottage, beside The Bosk, where the family were staying. I even threw in a mini version of the bouquet as a bit of fun, for Natalie to throw. I think you can see, by these gorgeous photos by Helen Russel Photography, that it ended up being the most perfect and beautiful day.