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What you never knew about sunflowers!

Helianthus, or sunflowers to you and me, have more to offer than just edible seeds and oil. Before more modern materials were available, the pith within the sunflower stalk was used in life-jackets to provide buoyancy and they're actually able to absorb radiation and high concentrations of toxic materials, including zinc, copper and lead as well as radioactive waste from soil and water. Grown in radioactive hotspots such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, the nuclear waste is absorbed and converted into a carbon-based substance in the plant material. Not just a pretty face!

Floristry in beautiful Northumberland

I was asked recently, what it’s like being a wedding florist in the North of England. My immediate answer was “fantastic!” Being born here, I may be biased but you just have to take a look at how the tourist industry has blossomed in the not-so-secret-kingdom over the past few years, to realise just how popular Northumberland has become as a holiday and wedding destination. We have such a diverse wealth of licensed venues here, over 70 in Northumberland alone. You can choose to tie the knot in an 11th Century castle, in a tepee in stunning private garden grounds, in a beautiful French chateau style venue or on a rustic farm, surrounded by sand dunes. Northumberland’s magical countryside has

Come back, carnations!

The "humble" carnation is enjoying a huge popularity resurgence just now. Once disregarded as a "cheap" and old-fashioned flower, growers have recently created the most beautiful colours and shapes. I don't think florists ever really fell out with carnations because of their sturdiness and amazingly long vase life and many of them also have a sweet, delicate fragrance that make them lovely to work with. Making a definite comeback in wedding work, carnations look great alongside roses, gypsophila and most of the other popular bridal bouquet flowers. What's not to love?!


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