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Floristry in beautiful Northumberland

I was asked recently, what it’s like being a wedding florist in the North of England. My immediate answer was “fantastic!” Being born here, I may be biased but you just have to take a look at how the tourist industry has blossomed in the not-so-secret-kingdom over the past few years, to realise just how popular Northumberland has become as a holiday and wedding destination. We have such a diverse wealth of licensed venues here, over 70 in Northumberland alone. You can choose to tie the knot in an 11th Century castle, in a tepee in stunning private garden grounds, in a beautiful French chateau style venue or on a rustic farm, surrounded by sand dunes.

Northumberland’s magical countryside has every backdrop you can imagine for your wedding photographs. More castles than any other English county, miles of sandy beaches, rolling hills and rugged moorland. The choice is staggering. For me personally, this means that my bouquets and flowers are always showcased in the most beautiful setting possible.

I’m very lucky to be able to source locally grown flowers for my bride’s bouquets here in Northumberland. I always keep an eye on current and forthcoming trends and the one to watch just now is “wildflower”. Imagine a country garden overflowing with scented sweet peas, snapdragons, cornflowers, herbs and dahlias. The “just gathered” style of informal bouquet is so popular now and these types of flowers lend themselves so well to it. Sisters, Steph and Ali , who own the “Ginger House Garden” in north Northumberland, grow and harvest all sorts of cottage garden type flowers on their farm. It means I can use fresh, local flowers that haven’t travelled thousands of miles or been forced to grow out of season.

It’s a very friendly and laid back sort of place here, away from the bustle and hurry of city life. My brides seem to appreciate the fact that I can take time with them to really get to know their vision for their wedding flowers. Planning your wedding should be a happy experience, exciting but not stressful. Share the experience with people whose passion and experience will inspire you.

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