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The highs and lows of floristry

I took an order yesterday that really reminded me of how emotional this job can be. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of an empathic sort and tend to “absorb” emotions around me but I’m sure other florists and people who have worked in the industry will identify.

It’s not a bad thing, sometimes it’s amazing! People come to us in their happiest times, elated to have a new grandchild or to be marrying the love of their life and planning the most exciting day they’ll ever have. You can’t help but be swept up in the giddiness of it. Sometimes it’s the worst of times and, even after 30 years, trying to remain “professional” goes by the wayside and I can find myself in tears, along with the family.

The phone call I took yesterday was one of the good ones. A son, ordering flowers for his mother, who had just received the very best news. The love and relief shone through his voice and it touched me so much. So I made this for her, bright and cheerful in strong colours.

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