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Buttonholes and corsages...who gets one?!

One of the most asked questions I get from brides about their wedding flowers is "who gets a buttonhole or corsage?" There's really no "right" answer to this as it's all completely personal and depends on the individual but here's a general guide. Well the groom always gets one! I usually make the groom's buttonhole a bit larger and a bit more special than the rest of the wedding party. The best man, any ushers and the Dads get one. After that it's completely to personal discretion. Sometimes the couple provide them for their children or grandparents, some don't. I've had weddings where all the guests have been given them, it's a lovely gesture but most don't as it can get expensive! Corsages...the mother of the bride and groom usually have them. They can be either pinned to the lapel or worn on the wrist, depending on what they'd prefer. I've also made them to go on hats and bags so anything goes! Grandmas quite often have a corsage provided for them but after this, any other guest or family member can order their own if they'd like one. As I say, everyone is different but this seems to be the usual etiquette.

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