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Environmentally friendly wedding flowers

The very best way to make sure that your wedding flowers have as little impact on your carbon footprint as possible is to simply make sure your florist buys British. Better still; make sure they have a local grower/supplier. As a florist, a lot of our product come from abroad..Holland, South America and Kenya mostly. However, I do buy from a local garden grower wherever possible and I think that most other florists are leaning towards that option too. July is the perfect month for buying British as there’s a huge choice available then.

There are other ways to make sure your wedding flowers have a low impact on the environment..planning your venue dressing, such as centrepieces and arches to be “foam free”, that’s without using oasis as a water source. Table flowers in re usable containers such as vases or glass jars are far more ecologically friendly than arrangements that require floral foam. A nice idea is to re purpose your wedding flowers afterwards, taking them to a nursing home, hospice or women’s shelter, for example.

I recently did a wedding where the guests were given succulent plants as favours (they were even grown by the couple) so that they could be kept and planted afterwards. I loved that idea. Small plants, packets of wildflower seeds and even having trees planted in the guests names as wedding favours are all good ways of helping the environment and wildlife.

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